Syma S107 helicopter is newest, smallest and lightest rc helicopter you can get! At approx 18.5cm long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional, comes with Aluminum Frame and a Great detail canopy, which makes this helicopter an instant hot seller in the RC World.

Syma S107 helicopter is really excellent rc helicopter that equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver) and it’s really able to move in three direction base on the three Channels. Anyone can hover these s107g helicopter easily because it’s made with Aluminum Frame, very light weight and almost indestructible in any crash.

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Syma S107 helicopter

s107 helicopter imageThe Syma S107 Helicopter incorporates the greatest advancement in Heli-copter Technologies, a Gyro. Basically no more crashing, no more changing pieces, the GYRO has transformed the Chopper market entirely, making this specific Radio controlled Chopper quite simple to fly and steer. Fantastic for anyone of all levels of skill, this bad boy incorporates a coaxial rotor a single back blades for precise activity plus a GYRO for elevated steadiness regardless of whether flying or perhaps hovering.

Syma S107G helicopter features a streamline cover style and design, which in turn not only appears to be pretty, but additionally greatly reduce the air amount of resistance. This rc mini heli-copter in addition could be taken apart as well as re-assembled quickly, making it possible for modifications and repairs to be made rather easily. Below the cover, there exists a flashlight that may emit reddish flash light immediately in the event you switch on the Remote controlled helicopter.

syma s107/s107g rc helicopter is the best indoor helicopter you can buy. The actual Gyroscope technologies is definitely amazing. This thing is incredibly simple to fly simply because it is so stable. And also it is really practically indestructible. In my experience charging by Usb usually takes about an hour and flight time is approximately 8 minutes roughly. The worst part about this heli-copter will be waiting for it to charge. Let check for more Syma RC helicopter S-107G Review Features.

Syma S107 Helicopter Technical Details

s107 helicopter photoStabile Flight Characteristics: Helicopter fly more stable and easier to control, which makes you easily adjust the direction of flight.

Easy to Fly: No need to wait long, just turn it on, and these helicopter begin to flying.

Great For Beginners: Do not have to be a professional to fly this helicopter, because the flight manual is very easy, even for you are a beginner. But remember, this helicopter only recommended for children aged 14 years or more.

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo Battery) which makes it more durable and you don’t have to be bothered to always doing recharging.

What Others Are Saying
This Syma S107 Helicopter has received rave reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon.

image for s107 helicopterHere are some of the comments to date:

  • “Absolutely perfect for beginners”
  • “Never to old”
  • “Definitely the one to get”
  • “It works”
  • “great beginner toy”
  • “Works great and super durable”
  • “He is just like a kid again”

Any complaints?
I found very few complaints for this drill on consumer sites around the internet. One consumer give complaint about the charging problem. He stated that this s107g helicopter is takes 30-40 minutes to charge the battery while the other rc copters only took about 8-10 minutes. But most consumers do not experience such problems. Apart from all this, I think this is a feature-rich toys with affordable prices.

Where To Buy S107 Helicopter?

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